نمونه انگیزه نامه مهندسی دریا (کشتی) (Marine Engineering)

در ادامه یک نمونه انگیزه نامه مهندسی کشتی (Marine Engineering) ملاحظه می کنید که در قالب پیش نویس برای اخذ پذیرش از رشته کارشناسی ارشد Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering به رشته تحریر در آمده است.

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Statement of Purpose

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering program

As a marine ship engineer with more than 12 years of work experience and 60 months of sea service, I have realized a lifelong dream of sailing the seven seas and contributing to a service that is considered among the most critical maritime jobs in global trade. The significance of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering is demonstrated by its position in global surveys and high employability rate that exemplifies its value as an academic field of study and promising career endeavor. Considering the world shipping industry is responsible for carrying more than 90% of the world’s trade, reducing fuel consumption and carbon footprint are imperative to the growth and sustainability of the shipping industry. Much has been done in terms of research and development on manufacturing the ultimate sustainable ship. By seeking alternative energy sources to making design modifications (technical measures related to hull and propeller geometry, hull construction, propulsion machinery, auxiliary machinery and equipment, and heat recovery), the shipping industry strives to advance its technology to achieve sustainable shipping that is guaranteed to provide reliable service for generations. Hence, this writing portrays my background, career goals, and anticipations regarding the Master’s degree program in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, University of New Orleans.

Born and brought up in the southern shores of Iran, in the city Bushehr, my childhood dream was to embark on gigantic ships and travel the world. This dream came true in the year 2000 as I gained admission to the Bachelor’s degree program in Marine-Ship Engineering at Chabahar Maritime University with a full scholarship from the National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC). During my study, I acquired valuable knowledge in various courses, which provided me a clear perspective on my career ahead. Graduating from the program, I successfully obtained my Certificate of Competency (CoC) as 3rd Engineer and commenced work in the maritime industry aboard NITC’s supertankers and devoted eight years of my life to the industry and travelled to many countries in Asia, Europe, and Oceania. I imagine working aboard ships as a university floating on sea that teaches the crew while assessing their knowledge and expertise in critical and intensive conditions where lives and massive amounts of goods and money are at stake. Gaining valuable project management knowledge and expertise in working with Iran & Offshore Industries Complex Company (ISOICO) (four months as supervisor of tugboat repairs) and HDDR Shanghai China (four months as assistant engineer in the annual overhaul project of a 300,000 ton NITC supertanker in the HDDR’s dry dock), I developed keen interest in obtaining knowledge on the design of seagoing vessels, their structure and how the robust design of such systems can assist ships in withstanding severe conditions, blasts, shocks, extreme motions and loads.

مطالب بیشتر  معرفی بسته آموزشی مکمل خدمات ویژه نگارش بیانیه هدف (SoP)

Furthermore, addressing the issue of reducing fuel consumption via design modifications and alternative fuel sources is at the center of my attention toward graduate education. Having acquired invaluable technical expertise, strong interpersonal skills, and an undying passion for success in my career as a marine engineer, I am determined to continue my studies in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering as I believe the shipping industry requires both experienced and academically capable engineers that can deal with the complex challenges.

Considering that many leading shipping companies including the NITC in Iran lack high-level academically knowledgeable experts, and considering that many experts and veterans in the field rely on their knowledge gained by hands-on experience and undergraduate degrees, I have witnessed that engineers with 10+ years of work experience sense an urgent need to upgrade their knowledge via academic courses and maintain their positions as capable experts that can utilize their expertise coupled with the latest technologies to achieve efficiency in maintenance and repair while reducing costs via management and optimization methods. Hence, consulting with experienced Iranian and international colleagues, I have concluded that continuing education through a Master’s degree at a respected international university is the right choice for my career development.

As a qualified marine engineer, by pursuing graduate education in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, I am committed to develop and enhance my knowledge of naval architecture to contribute to manufacturing ships that are seaworthy, environmentally friendly, and safe. This approach will spark innovations that affect the global economy, nations, and people by offering safety, efficiency, and sustainability to an industry that is becoming more and more important as the worldwide demand for energy and good increases by a growing global population.

مطالب بیشتر  نمونه بیانیه هدف (SOP) تحلیل شده برای اخذ پذیرش در رشته MBA

Among the top universities in marine engineering, the University of New Orleans is indisputably among the best and most respected academic institutions in the eyes of marine engineers and maritime professionals. The advanced laboratories and facilities and benefiting from some of the most bright minded professors in the field including Prof. Pazouki offer an exquisite opportunity for students to engage in applied research with emphasis on computational studies that can assist the shipping industry to optimize fuel consumption in seagoing vessels, thereby enhancing fuel economy, system efficiency, and reducing environmental pollution and carbon emissions.

The past seven years have encompassed travel to several countries and many valuable experiences through which I have become a more knowledgeable marine engineer in terms of ingenuity, math, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, making me a capable, flexible, and adaptable individual concerning my job requirements and responsibilities. I am confident that my knowledge and work experience in the field alongside the clear vision regarding my graduate research make me a competent candidate for admission to the program. Therefore, I am highly motivated to study the Master’s program in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the University of New Orleans, and granted the precious opportunity to study at your university; the outcomes will shape my future by allowing me to obtain my desired position in the marine industry.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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